Today, Forever and Always

Oh, what a delight it was when I first laid eyes on you. For I was captivated by your presence like no other woman whom I’d ever known. The glow that you presented was as radiant as the sun, for it lit the pathway that you tread while the robin sang, “Go Ahead”. Each step that you took I kept you in sight until the dusk rolled in and dimmed the light. So, I searched to find you with a lantern in my hand, since the impressions you gave me made me feel like a man.

As I walked amongst the heavens a little white dove guided me near, saying, “Hold on young man this woman is very dear!” If you ever wanted to know what real love feels like inside, just wait until this woman stands by your side. Never give up on her who is meant to be your wife, for she’s the one who can bring you back to life. Though the times will be difficult which you’ll try hard to swallow, just look to God and remain His follower. For He’s the only One who can dry your tears and hold this relationship together throughout the years.

Erasing the Fear

I’ve got so much love to give you my dear. It seems like a long time, it feels like years upon years. As I think upon the many memories I try to wipe the tear; “while my heart flutters trying to erase the fear.”

The fear of losing the woman who meant so much to me often grieves me when I dream of the most precious memory. To win her heart seems within arms reach, yet as I press forward she continues to creep. So I looked into the heaven and asked him, “Why God, does she seem to be another ribbon in the sky?”

Though when He answered it came hard and strong; “It’s not your will but my own.” So when I join you together it’s eternity, for she’s my child which I’ll allow it to be. Since you haven’t given up on hope and continue to acknowledge who I am; someday she will be your woman and you will be her man.

Patience is the hope that will carry you though; hold on to that bond and I’ll always strengthen you. No matter how tough times may get remember, you’re my only love and don't you ever forget.

Pure love is a rare commodity not commonly shared by everybody, once the day I looked into your eyes I was blessed to be somebody.

How Could I Live

Everyday I envision your tender smile and a sweet hello, which encourages me to press forward with renewed hope. For I know that I must hold on if I’m to see you again - since you’re the cherished treasure whom I’m trying to win. As I keep my mind so tuned in on you, it gives me inspiration to talk with my Mediator while battling these blues.

Oh my days get lonely and my nights are filled with pain, makes me sometimes wonder does God still remain. Daily it’s a struggle that I have to endure. Knowing if I take it one day at a time my sorrow will be cured. Living without you made me search for the one who could restore - that one was God, he was waiting for me at my door.

You Are That Lady

It wasn’t so long ago I recall you came into my life in such a special way, that I had to take notice of your divine grace. The splendor of action, the glory of power – the joy that filled my soul. To know I’ll have the opportunity to love someone like you. is a dream I’ve always wanted to come true. Oh, what would I give in return for such a woman as you? My life, my friends, anything or everything that could separate me from your love, I’d surrender just to be your mane. For nothing means so much to me than the woman who sparks my day and lights the path for which I’ll sway. For you’re the master of my fate, the captain of my soul – keeping me so motivated to adventure to carry the Heaviest load. Some may say I’m weak, others could say I’m sick – but only the one above knows I can’t give up on the one who makes me tick. If I must mount up with wings as eagles, press forward with all fight within – it would be for the woman who’s so special to me. Then there’s no doubt that I’ll win.

The Thought of You

Moments have been captured, days have come and gone years appear to have vanished, as I recalled the words of our favorite song, 'Oh What a Night' from that night til this present time- I cherish the thought of you, simply you could have left me behind, often I wondered 'Where would I be today if you weren't my lady?' A wandering soul still adrift, lost within a wilderness with no compass.

Fear of being left alone, with no one to call my own. What shall I do to keep our love alive?

Seek God, He'll give back your life though as I prayed to Him above - you entered my space like a still, white dove just the thought of you - replenishes my soul...thanks, for making me feel whole.