Mother Dear

Though she bore, breastfed, and raised me from an infant to a babe. Giving me the nutrients and nourishments for a life she would save.

She always did it with a smile, letting one know this child was worthwhile. As she rocked me in her arms - bringing assurance no harm would come. To look within her eyes was refreshing and renewing.

There were plenty of times she felt the struggles of daily activities. Not knowing just how she would make ends meet - she never allowed to go without being tidy and neat. Oh she a wonderful Mother Dear - perhaps that’s my reasoning for always wanting her near.

What Manner of Man

How wonderful are the feet of him? Who travels near and far? Setting an example for me to follow as he goes about his daily chores.

Never does he take a break, sweat pours from his face… always gaining inner strength, no matter what the pace. Toiling day and night to keep the family fed. Laboring from sunrise until he went to bed.

Whenever I needed his advice, he’d drop his tools and say; “life carries a silent price tag. My Son, what are you willing to pay?”

I wondered his purpose in life. He said “to keep me near” “take charge of your life, be discreet” it’s no secret, I’ve lived my life before you be strong in your faith, suffer if you must should you ever fall. Though your spirit may be broken, I will find the strength to lift you from the dust.