A Prayer for the Planet

Through the discord and dissonance and confusion… Comes a prayer from the heart of a human… To bring relief from the pain of the illusion… The delusion… To bring peace and healing and hope from the violation. Of the intrusion of the heart of all humans.

Lord, Please save the earth from chaos and destruction… Turn us around and set us aright… Bring to us many divine teachers and beings to train us and to teach us in the correct use of the light...

Make us aware of how important it is to maintain an undefiled Temple so that reception is always at its peak… I pray that that inbound desire to be in harmony is the foremost goal that all of us constantly seek...

Teach us to pray... To send to the very throne of God requests Which are for the good of all mankind... Give to us sacred tones which balance and soothe and heal The body and with soul and the mind... In willing surrender may each of us release all hindrances to the manifestation of this ultimate good… Make us all aware of that force… That life and death power... By us may it be clearly and reverently understood… May this planet no longer be under the threat of annihilation. And subject to the uncertainty of darkness and of night... Hold us in your favor, give us the insatiable desire to be lifted forevermore into the consciousness of love and of light...

With sincerity, I pray that adoration, Thanksgiving and praise. Rise from earth as vapors of sweet perfume... The fragrance of devotion to god... Emitting into the universe Our desire and willingness to be harmoniously attuned… And that one with God Forever. Amen.


Is There Still Hope

Seemingly, there’s not a one whose concern if the black man becomes non-existent or extinct. Certainly he’s grappling in his own environment.

Forced to compete to do his part while dealing with the realities of a white counterpart - oftentimes left wondering why him and the woman he loves are drifting further apart pondering, will he ever succeed and why no one ever took time to plant the seed.

Time has come to face the demand; to be a man - yet he finds none who’ll lend a helping hand. Echos ring out, “Stand up and be the man you’re meant to be”, - but, how can he when he’s continually being stripped and robbed of his dignity?

The will to fight has been beaten from him - happiness tends to elude his grasp and the woman has turned away - no longer can he watch his children play. You might say, “He’s a nobody”, but have you reached down to help him become a somebody? Hope can only be kept alive when you show the way to a brighter day.

Be the Gift

Be the gift that transcends darkness to light.

Be the gift that transcends hatred to love, be the gift that transcends a dead zone to a living one. If your gift doesn't edify your soul, return it to the giver for an exchange.

Are you a gift? That’s what’s up.